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Avocode Crack + Activation Key Free Download 2022

Avocode 2024 Crack With Activation Key Free Download

Avocode 4.15.9 Crack is one of the programs that can help you and your colleagues avoid all these problems by providing a collaboration and sharing platform for Photoshop and Sketch projects. Get started by creating a free account that lets you sync your projects to the cloud and manage your team members. At this point, you can access your account dashboard in your browser to create your team (invite your colleagues to join), but this can be done later.

One of Avocode’s missions is to help you integrate your designs into different projects. It even provides a sample project as an example to help you get an overview of the options and how the design team can help you. Avocode retains all elements of your sketch, from color and image format to size. Any design you add to a project is automatically uploaded to the cloud so anyone can access it by sharing a public link.

Those you share your design with can add comments on the image to provide feedback directly from the browser window. Authorized team members can upload design changes, which are immediately reviewed by all colleagues. In addition, Avocode Crack Free Download revisions can be compared more easily by displaying them side by side in the browser. Designers and developers alike will be pleased to know that Avocode automatically generates CSS and HTML snippets for images.

In addition, Less, Sass, and Stylus are also supported, and with a bit of coding knowledge, the output can be customized using variables. Many other features can make your team’s life easier: Avocode includes color choices, accurate measurement tools, and tools for creating Retina images in a variety of formats.

Avocode 4.15.9 Crack + Keygen Free Download

The great thing about Avocode is that it allows team members to exchange opinions and contribute to a Photoshop or Sketch project without leaving the workspace. With cloud support with SSL encryption, all projects are protected, synced, and updated on all devices and accessible to everyone. In addition, team members are immediately informed of any changes. And with future code editors and file-sharing services, Avocode will be even more appealing to designers. You can download both the installer version and the portable version from this page.

Open PSD and Sketch projects on Mac with Avocode. Create CSS, Swift, and XML directly from layers and export images, colors, fonts, styles, sizes, and dimensions. Invite team members and easily manage user rights. Any number of people can control the same design at the same time. Leave accurate design feedback in the comments and get notified when something changes. The layout of the store changes together and arranges in projects. Upload all Photoshop and Sketch source files to a secure location where the entire team can access, and download them.

Avocode Crack

Key Feature:

Open .psd and .sketch without using Photoshop and Sketch:

  • Avocode independently replicates Photoshop and Sketch drawings. This way, you can open and inspect any design you upload to Avocode. In any operating system, no designer tools are required.

Export CSS, Swift, Android and React Native code from any design:

  • Briefly generate CSS, Less, Sass, Less, SCSS, Stylus, Swift, Android, and CSS in the JS code, including layer styles and fonts, pixel units, pt, and colors in HEX, UIcolor, or HEX8.

Export the text layer as plain text, image, or HTML:

  • After selecting the text layer, you can export it as an image, copy plain text, or copy text with HTML tags. The STYLES panel will display everything, such as font family, font weight, and font size.

Accurate measurement without eyeballs:

  • Instantly capture images of any size and distance. Add, move, and delete guides for precise alignment control. You can also use them to measure the distance from any object to any location.

Define everything as variables:

  • You can customize the result of the code by hiding and rearranging parts of the code. Define and replace any value (color, font, gradient, size, distance) in the code with a variable, and it will automatically appear in the exported code.

Share the template and invite team members:

  • Let co-developers independently extract all design specifications in the program. You can invite team members who need to explore the design, or you can share public links with people who only need to comment.

Main Key Features:

Use the plug-in to synchronize .psd and .sketch:

  • You can directly use Photoshop or Sketch to load the design or version into your application. Install the Hit Sync plug-in, and the design suddenly appeared in the cloud.

One place for all models:

  • Upload the template to the cloud and synchronize the version and design settings (scale, platform, drive) with your team. Allow team members to access, view, and download the latest project comments 24/7.

All fixes you think:

  • Redesign as you like. The application acts as an updateable repository for all design versions. You can simply stack the comments together and compare them side by side visually.

Zero storage time, but safe:

  • When you upload a design to the cloud, your team can use it. Everything you load into the program is encrypted with an SSL certificate, so your design truly belongs to you.

Avocode copies PSD/Sketch templates on any operating system:

  • Opening Sketch on Windows or opening PSD on Linux is just the beginning of the application’s possibilities. Every design you open is pixelated and perfectly loaded, so you can access it even if you lose your internet connection.

What’s New?

  • We have made major improvements to importing Sketch files into the desktop application.
  • Now, when you synchronize Sketch files, the upload will be completely ignored, and the project analysis and rendering are done locally in the desktop application.
  • So you can access the design layers as soon as possible.
  • Fixed the problem that occurred after changing the project settings.
  • When you use the Pen tool in Sketch to create a vector shape with an intersection and two closed curves, the fill of these curves will change according to the location of the intersection.
  • I finally found a way to display this type of form correctly in Avocode.


  • Some of the benefits of using the platform include saving designers time.
  • designers can use the Avocode PS plug-in to quickly share their designs.
  • These platforms support multiple design formats, including Sketch.


  • There are no restrictions on this platform, but it cannot be used for commercial purposes. It is being tested.

System Requirements:

  1. Supports Windows and MAC.
  2. MAC OS X 10.1 or higher.
  3. Only available for Windows version (64-bit version only).
  4. You will need 4 GB RAM on the system.
  5. This will take up 5 GB of hard disk space.
  6. Direct X 10 and .NET Framework 6.0 and above.
  7. NVIDIA graphics card with 2 GM video memory.

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