MAGIX Sound Forge Pro 18.0 Crack Free Download [Latest]

MAGIX Sound Forge Pro Crack Free Download [Latest]

MAGIX Sound Forge Pro 18.0 Crack Full Version [Latest]

MAGIX Sound Forge Pro 18 Crack includes all the necessary files to run perfectly on your system, uploaded program contains all the latest and updated files, it is a full offline or standalone version of MAGIX Sound Forge Pro 18 Crack Free Download for compatible versions of Windows.

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SOUND FORGE Pro 18 Crack Free Download is back and it’s better than ever. It has always been an incredible tool for recording, editing, and processing audio at the highest possible standard. Thanks to its multi-channel recording, intuitive workflow, extremely powerful editing features, and an array of mastering plug-ins, SOUND FORGE Pro set new standards in the audio industry for over two decades. Now, with the release of SOUND FORGE Pro 18, the 64-bit engine, VST3 effect support, and many more high-end audio plug-ins secure the software position as the number one choice for audio professionals worldwide.

MAGIX Sound Forge Pro 18 Crack Free Download

SOUND FORGE Pro 18 Free Download offers professional-quality mastering, editing, and sound-design features all within an intuitive and inspiring interface. New features include 64-bit architecture, VST3 effect support, and effects from SEQUOIA, the high-end audio workstation favored by broadcast, post-production, and mastering engineers. With the iZotope mastering tools and compatibility with SpectraLayers 5, SOUND FORGE Pro 18 Crack is the ultimate solution for any pro audio task – from precision editing to mastering for broadcast.

Features of MAGIX Sound Forge Pro 18 Free Download

Below are some amazing features you can experience after installation of MAGIX Sound Forge Pro 18 Full Version please keep in mind features may vary and depend on how your system supports them.

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  • 32-channel file recording, editing, and processing
  • 64-bit architecture
  • One touch recording
  • Precise audio editing and restoration
  • VST3 effect support
  • Numerous audio effects & plugins
  • Design and customize your editing layouts
  • Video sound optimization without re-rendering
  • Automate repetitive tasks with scripts
  • Works seamlessly with SpectraLayers Pro 5

NEW: 64-bit version

  • SOUND FORGE Pro 18 Crack can now handle the most demanding professional audio processing tasks with ease.
  • Its new 64-bit architecture harnesses all of your computer power to run large, high-end projects.

NEW: VST3 effect support

  • With full VST3 effect support, SOUND FORGE Pro 18 offers access to a world of high-end plug-ins.
  • This latest technology also means improved performance and audio routing efficiency for decreased CPU usage.

NEW: More pro-quality effects

  • SOUND FORGE Pro 18 Crack now comes with several new high-end effects. You get three noise reduction plug-ins – DeHisser, DeClicker/DeCrackler, and DeClipper – taken from SEQUOIA, the advanced broadcast application.
  • Wave Hammer 2.0 is now also included with both a classic compressor and volume maximizer for all your mastering needs.


  • The redesigned recording interface offers a complete overview of your projects at all times.
  • Monitor and process up to 32 channels of recorded audio, then master, edit, and shape your sound, all within an intuitive, single workspace.

Audio Editing

  • Open, edit, convert and save multichannel audio from a variety of sources, all within a multitrack environment and with sample-accurate precision.
  • SOUND FORGE Pro 18 can also handle any surround-sound mix or audio-for-video project with ease.

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MAGIX Sound Forge Pro Crack Free Download [Latest]


  • Deliver broadcast-ready, high-quality masters.
  • SOUND FORGE Pro 18 features advanced signal-processing tools as well as premier effects from a range of high-end DSP developers to ensure perfect, high-resolution masters for broadcast, CD, or streaming.

Field Recording

  • Take SOUND FORGE Pro 18 out on the road to be a complete, portable recording studio.
  • Make pristine-quality, multichannel recordings of classical concerts, live bands, or any other demanding multitrack performances.

Sound design

  • With so many professional effects processors and audio editing tools included, SOUND FORGE Pro 18 is the ideal application for sound designers.
  • Get creative with dozens of tools like VariVerb and Vandal that offer everything from shimmering reverbs to crunchy guitar effects.

System Requirements for MAGIX Sound Forge Pro 18:

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Graphics card: Onboard, min. resolution 1024 x 768
  • Sound card: Onboard
  • Hard drive space: 500 MB for program installation

How to Install MAGIX Sound Forge Pro 18 Crack?

  • Extract the zip file using WinRAR or WinZip or by default Windows command.
  • Open Installer accept the terms and then install the program.

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