Directory Opus Pro 12.33 Crack + License Key Free Download

Directory Opus Pro Crack With License key

Directory Opus Pro 12.33 Crack + License Key Free Download

Directory Opus Pro 12.33 Crack allows you to manipulate files and folders on your computer, and frankly, most people are okay with it and do not need more than that. However, if you regularly manage files and want to be more efficient with these tasks, you begin to notice that Explorer lacks some advanced features that can make your life easier. Directory Opus is a file manager designed to be a replacement for Windows Explorer, which includes several advanced features and enhanced functionality. The application has a simple and user-friendly interface that provides three main sections.

The left panel shows the tree configuration of your drives so you can easily browse to the folder or file you want to manage. The other two panels show the contents of the folders, and here you can perform all your file management operations. The dual-panel interface can be helpful when working with multiple folders, as you can quickly check out the contents and switch between them to move or access files. The content is displayed with highlights and icons to find what you are looking for easily. If the contents of a folder consist of hundreds of files, you can rely on the search function to find the data quickly.

Directory Opus 12.33 Crack + Registration Key [Latest]

In terms of functionality, the tool can perform several file management tasks, including but not limited to cutting, copying, pasting, deleting, capturing the full path name, MD5 checksum, calculating folder size, or selecting files based on various criteria, to name a few. Additionally, you can color-code the files, including star ratings, tags, and descriptions, or assign a status if you need to make daily or frequent edits to a specific document. Directory Opus can fully replace Windows Explorer depending on your needs and preferences. Therefore, if you do not use Explorer and are happy with the tool, you can use the Unique Explorer Replacement mode.

Directory Opus Pro Keygen is the most straightforward file manager, a utility that presents lists of files and allows the user to perform actions of some kind on those files. The file manager helps move files between folders, backup files, view images and play sounds, run other utilities on file lists, delete unwanted files, and many other “household” tasks. Directory Opus goes beyond the simple file management metaphor. It offers you a complete replacement for Windows Explorer and many other utilities for managing FTP, and ZIP, viewing files and images, running slide shows, etc. It gives you all this in a user-friendly and fully-configurable environment, within which you can access and manage your important data with a minimum of effort.

Directory Opus Pro Crack Free Download [2023]

When it comes to managing and organizing the files on our computer, most of us are pretty happy with using Windows Explorer. Many people are unaware that there are alternatives to the built-in file manager, which is now starting to take some time (unless you have Vista, which adds some interesting new tools). However, once you have tried another file manager, it is often difficult to go back, especially if that file manager is Directory Opus. From the start, it is clear that Opus is reminiscent of Windows Explorer on steroids. The default folder layout is very similar to File Explorer.

It displays two folders in separate tree view windows (though you can switch to the more conventional flat view with one folder). It makes it much easier to move files, as you can directly drag and drop files to other folders without opening them and closing new windows. However, the most significant difference between Directory Opus Pro License Key and its Windows rival is at the top of the screen, in the program’s toolbar, and in the menu settings. Upon closer inspection, you realize that this is much more than just a tool for organizing your files into folders. When you first install the program, it looks like it will take over your entire system and flood you with requests to make it your default image viewer, FTP client, and the like.

Directory Opus Pro Crack With License key

Directory Opus Pro Crack + Keygen Download

Directory Opus Pro Crack we were in doubt about handing over all these tasks to one application, but after using Opus for a while, we went back and checked all these standard radio buttons. It has enough power to handle many everyday tasks, including viewing photos, converting files, playing audio, opening zip files, batch renaming, and searching. These tools work quickly and are accessible from a single interface without much hassle. Another benefit is that Opus can be infinitely customized, giving you complete control over the layout and structure of your file manager and its additional tools.

It is a fierce program and makes Explorer look like a cheerful weed in terms of pure power. With its vast array of options and advanced settings, Directory Opus Pro Key can be overwhelming at first, but once you learn how to tame the beast by customizing the program to suit your needs, you will be amazed at how much it is offered. Since we discovered the app, we have not gone back to Explorer and have uninstalled many of the apps we used to use, such as WinZip and SmartFTP. Are you frustrated with the limitations of Windows Explorer? Directory Opus is a complete replacement for Explorer, with far more power and functionality than any other file manager available today.

Directory Opus is designed with four goals in mind:

  • Ease of use: It works just like Explorer does as far as possible. You do not need to learn any complicated scripting or non-standard mouse techniques to use Opus. If you’ve ever used Explorer to copy a file, you already know precisely how to do that in Opus.
  • Configurability: We believe in users’ right to choose how their computer works. Almost every aspect of it can be changed – from the buttons on the toolbar to the color used to draw the background of a compressed file.
  • Efficiency: It is designed to be as efficient as possible. The entire program uses multi-threading to ensure that you never have to wait for one operation to complete before starting another.
  • Compatibility: As an Explorer replacement, Opus must be displayed (for the system) just as Explorer does. Within limits set by Microsoft, Directory Opus achieves this, and most software written with only Explorer in mind will still work fine with Opus installed.

Directory Opus Pro Crack With License key

Key Features:

  • Single or double pane file view and folder trees
  • The tab-based interface lets you keep multiple folders open and switch quickly between them.
  • Unique Explorer Replacement Mode provides a complete replacement for Windows Explorer.
  • Filter, sort, group, and quickly search your folders
  • Color-code your files, assign status icons, star ratings, tags, and descriptions
  • See photos, documents, and more. Image Selection lets you sort your images quickly and easily
  • Batch renaming including user-friendly keyboard macros
  • View and edit movie data
  • Support for FTP and archive formats such as zipping, 7Zip, and RAR
  • Built-in tools, including synchronization and duplicate file finder
  • Calculate folder sizes and print or export folder listings
  • Queue multiple file copies for improved performance
  • Fully configurable user interface – colors, fonts, toolbars, keyboard shortcuts, and a complete scripting interface allow you to tailor Opus precisely to your needs
  • Efficient, multi-threaded, modern design. Supports the latest 4K displays. Available in both 32 and 64-bit versions.

What’s New?

  • Improved layout of button editing menus on low-resolution (720p) screens.
  • The archive plugin now filters the file attributes it returns to Opus to avoid those that may appear in archives but do not make sense in them and cause problems (e.g., “offline” and “pinned”).
  • Resolve situations where an ID message was not triggered for some network drives that needed one.
  • Fixed an issue that meant double-clicking on the desktop would stop working if Explorer was restarted.
  • On Windows 11, the OneDrive commands to pin, or free space now work recursively on folders to match Explorer behavior.
  • Fixed the Toolbar command and ignored its POS argument if the first coordinate was negative.
  • If a style is saved with view mode enabled, but a tab group is selected, the view mode setting is now ignored correctly (in which case view modes are assumed to come from the tab group).
  • Fixed Open With> Paint.Net opens the file twice with newer versions of PaintDotNet.
  • Fixed an issue where the folder format could go wrong if a style set to turn on the format lock opened a tab group.
  • Improved performance of context menus in some situations.
  • It updated the WebP plugin that fixes some images that do not load.
  • Fixed shortcut menu items detected under HKCR are displayed for folders when they are only displayed for files.
  • Fix for OneDrive context menus not appearing when “Files On-Demand” is turned off.
  • It was fixed if not working on Viewer toolbar buttons if the only command that was run after them was a Show VIEWERCMD.
  • Show VIEWERCMD = full screen, on and off can now be used with the viewer to always get a particular state instead of switching to the current state.
  • They have fixed an issue where nothing happened if some control panels were opened in specific ways (e.g., “Manage BitLocker” from the drive right-click menu).
  • Correct for independent slide show opening on the wrong screen if it was previously moved and closed near another screen’s right (or bottom).
  • Fixed incorrect behavior when renaming files in FlatView, as two files in different folders ended up with the same name.
  • Fixed the issue of undoing a creation directory.
  • Fix crashes that could happen when you undo a rename.
  • Change to the “New” context menu that excludes items without descriptions in the registry.
  • Suitable for fake Open with menu items due to uninstalling Microsoft Store apps.


  • Facilitates fast-moving files and folders.
  • It contains dozens of valuable tools for running daily file processes.
  • Highly customizable interface.


  • Maybe not worth it for casual users
  • The learning curve to maximize value
  • It can be a little overwhelming at first.

System Requirements:

  • Supported operating systems: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7.
  • RAM (Memory): 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended).
  • Free hard disk space: 200 MB or more.

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Directory Opus Crack works just like Windows Explorer does. You do not need to learn complicated scripting or non-standard mouse techniques to use Opus. Additionally, if you’ve ever used Explorer to copy a file, you already know precisely how to do it. Directory Opus was tested before uploading to our database. But if you have installation issues, you can post the issue in the comments section.

The experts will study the problem and solve the problem as soon as possible. However, we are not responsible because this may cause a problem if you have not installed all the package files. It would help if you also tried all the links available on the page, some links may have corrupted files, but you will find precisely the one you are looking for.

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